Shop Mate Customs Clearance

If you ship goods via ShopMate with a combined value over A$1000 in one consignment your will require a formal customs declaration lodged with the Australian Border Force.
We now offer this service as part of our Silver and Gold clearance packages.

24 hour $77.00 – This ensure your parcel will be cleared the next day after we receive your complete documents

4 hour $99.00 - This ensure your parcel will be cleared the same day we receive your complete documents, provided they are received prior to noon

In most case this will result in the payment of Customs duty and a customs entry processing charge of $83 payable to the Australia Border force.
Customs duty is usually 0-5% based on the FOB value. A thorough tariff investigation will be done to ensure you get the lowest correct duty rate applicable to your goods.
If you have paid GST on the goods to ShopMate it won’t be charged again however if you haven’t it will be charged at 10% of the value of the taxable import (VOTI).
Also additional will be our fee of $77 or $99 depending on the service you choose.
Certain goods also require Quarantine clearance please see notes below

This online service is not applicable to foodstuff, used items or goods containing wooden, plant or biological material. If you have these items please submit a request for quote.
All times do not include weekends. Weekend Clearances are available but please ring 03-86091282 to confirm

• The above fees cover 3 different classification lines. If you have multiple items extra lines are charged out at $4.40 per line. The classification depends on the essential character of the goods. If this applies to your shipment it will be explained to you before proceeding.
• The above clearance times also require that all fees are paid

• Bank Fees

As our service fee is very low unfortunately we must pass on the Bank Charges

1. Bank transfer free

Border or Quarantine holds
Border – A small percentage of shipments go redline with the Australian Border Force (ABF). This is where the ABF need to physically look at the documents. This may be random or related to the type of goods you are importing. Their service charter to process these shipments is 24 hours. They will either clear the shipment or ask for more information. There is no charge for this.
Quarantine – Shipments may go subject to quarantine either randomly or due to the nature of the goods. This is where the Quarantine Dept need to assess the documents. Their service charter to process these shipments is 24 hours. They will either clear the shipment or ask for more information. We have a charge of $25.00 for this plus any fees charged by the Quarantine Dept.

Government Costs

These are the costs you pay regardless who clears your consignment.
Customs Entry fee $83.00 (if under A$10000)
Customs Duty – Usually 5% but in some cases it will be free
GST on imports 10%

Typical Shipment

Let’s say for example you bought goods worth $1200 which are subject to 5% duty
Duty = 5% of the value of the goods only. Therefore the value is $1200 the duty is $60
GST = 10 % of the price of the goods plus the duty plus the postage and Insurance.
In this instance we will assume a value of $200 for freight and insurance. Therefore the Value of the Taxable import (VOTI) is;
$1200 +$60 + $200 =$1460 so GST is 10% = $146.00

Total charges

Customs Duty $60 (Govt fee)
GST $146 (Govt fee)
Customs entry fee $83.00 (Govt fee)
Customs Clearance $77 (our fee inc gst)
Total $366
Banks fees for payment
Direct deposit free

*Proof of purchase price paid may be asked for. This is usually in the form of a bank transfer, PayPal receipt or similar
*Photo ID may be required in some cases
*We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason