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Letter from Australia Post - (N/A for ShopMate clearances)
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and requires customs clearance
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This document is your proof of purchase price paid it can be your eBay/PayPal receipt email or any
other email/documents from the sender which list the description(s) and value(s) of all your goods

If you don’t have a suppliers invoice please email me a personal declaration stating the parcel
post card number, a list of all goods and their value, postage price if not included in values,
the suppliers name and address and attach proof of payment such as PayPal receipt or bank transfer.
Remember there are harsh penalties for making an incorrect personal statement.
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1 - Are the goods used?
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This is option but can include such things that are specific to your product
in order to correctly classify and search for a duty free concession.
This can include but is not limited to size, power or material of the product.
If yes, Please provide details
Biological material includes articles of plant or animals eg flowers, feathers, shells etc
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and that I have understood the questions contained in this form and the answers
provided to those questions are true and correct. I remove Post Customs Clearance (DTAL PTY LTD)
from all liability that may arise from providing false or misleading information .
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